Audited circulation

Audited circulation provides advertisers with proof that their ad will be seen by the number of subscribers promised by the newspaper. Several audit services are available to a newspaper. QCNA members can choose the method best suited to their needs.

AAM ~ Alliance for Audited Media

The Alliance for Audited Media is a not-for-profit, tripartite association of advertisers, advertising agencies and publishers. The purpose of AAM is to set standards by which circulation and other data of member publishers may be audited, verify facts and figures through field auditor's examination of all pertinent records, and report these facts and figures through regularly published, standardized reports.

CMCA�~�Canadian Media Circulation Audit

The Canadian Media Circulation Audit program of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) is designed to assist in the administration of the newspapers as well as in the maintenance of circulation information that is credible for advertisers. Week by week records are maintained in a form similar to accounting records. An accountant acts as a neutral party who verifies to advertising buyers that the circulation claims are honest and reliable. The same applies for CMCA auditing. The accountant must have proof that a given number of CMCA papers have been delivered to and paid for by the readers. Circulation is verified annually. Participants in the CMCA program have the option of using their own accountant or the internal auditor of CCNA to sign the report forms. A program of random field audits of internally audited verification is also made.

CCAB ~ Canadian Circulation Audit Board

The CCAB is a not-for-profit tripartite organization of advertisers, advertising agencies and publishers. CCAB audits are for either all controlled circulation or any combination of paid and controlled circulation publications.